Climate change has started to make huge impacts around the world and has fueled strong hurricanes, dried up water resources, led to forest fires, and even dismissed food security, leaving some populations in dismay and in the search for basic needs.

We are in the dire need for answers and solutions. Fortunately, forest tree plantation is an effective and much-needed solution that could fix climate change issues and reverse the damage that has been done. Let us proceed ahead by learning what the recent reports have to say about climate change.

Reporting on Climate Change

The latest research from the UN’s (IPCC) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has offered some clarity on our planet’s changing conditions. According to the report, human activities have estimated to cause around 1.0°C of global warming, which is above pre-industrial levels. It has a likely range of 0.8-1.2°C. If it continues to rise at the current rate, global warming is more than likely to touch 1.5°C, anywhere between 2030 to 2052.

Due to human activities such as fossil fuel production, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased and has started warming the planet by 1° C. In a decade or two, we could witness temperature increase up to +1.5° C and that number will continue to increase if immediate action is not taken. If we do not cut down on carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint, we could witness a whopping +3.4° C rise by 2100.

Interestingly, actions such as afforestation could not only minimize global warming but could also help create a healthy environment, reduce poverty, and boost nutritious yields from agriculture. In short, it would heal the planet and significantly improve global health. These side advantages are an addition to the blossoming of wildlife, plant diversity, and conservation of resources.

How Forest Creation Can Solve Climate Change

The IPCC report also recommends an urgent reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses and has advised for activities that promote reforestation and ecosystem restoration, accompanied by similar nature-based actions. Another influential study has stated that Afforestation is the number one solution to climate change.

To have a better understanding of why Afforestation was recommended, let us look at how trees play a vital role in solving climate change problems.

1) Absorbs Carbon

Trees can effectively clean the air by absorbing CO2 and other gasses from the atmosphere. In fact, a single tree can absorb up to 48lbs. of carbon a year and generate enough clean oxygen for four people to breathe. Planting trees could also cut down 1.1 to 1.6 GT of CO2 each year.

2) Protects Coastal Regions

Trees do an amazing job of ensuring that coastal communities remain safe from storms and severe flooding. They do this by slowing down the water’s force as it surges into the land. Trees also absorb excess water in the soil and release water vapor into the atmosphere.

3) Provides Shade

Trees help the soil retain moisture instead of drying out, by proving sufficient shade. This helps support and facilitates fertile agriculture. More shade in urban areas also helps minimize energy consumption during the summers, further saving on cooling costs and lowering emissions.

4) Promotes Plant & Wildlife Biodiversity

Climate change has affected wildlife and vegetation tremendously, making survival difficult. This is another area where trees end up creating a massive difference. Forests can help create a healthy ecosystem that can help wildlife and plants survive and flourish. It helps build up water resources, provides wildlife a home, and creates a treasure trove of plants and vegetation.

In conclusion, we can no longer ignore the significance of trees and the incredible benefits that Afforestation can offer to our planet. By undertaking a serious commitment of planting trees, we not only ensure ecological restoration, but also ensure that our future generations have a clean, healthy, and safe and environment to thrive in.

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