From providing food, clean air to medicines, reducing the carbon footprint, and much more, trees have always served us immensely. In fact, our survival depends on them. However, with the rise in population and urbanization, we have threatened the very existence of trees and wildlife.

Now is the time to act and take the first step towards reversing the damage by planting trees. A great place to start would be by planting saplings on the week of Van Mahotsav and nurture the ones that are already standing firm and tall. Before proceeding ahead, let us understand the significance of Van Mahotsav.

Significance of Van Mahotsav

In our Indian culture, we have always placed nature at the heart of our tradition. Forests have been revered for their life-giving, life-sustaining, and spiritual significance. India has also largely been an agricultural country and the vast majority of our land is either used for crop cultivation or to grow commercially viable timber and fruits. It’s due to this close connection to nature, we devote our time to grow and nurture forests from 1st to the 7th of July, and celebrate it as Van Mahotsav.

This significant tree-planting festival was initiated by K.M. Munshi who was the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food in the year 1950. The primary intention behind this festival was to create awareness for planting trees, saving forests, and motivate each citizen to plan a minimum of one sapling in this week.

Why Plant Trees this Van Mahotsav?

At its very core, Van Mahotsav was an attempt to cultivate awareness of the importance of nature, forests, and diverse wildlife. However, in the present, Van Mahotsav stands for much more. Today, due to rapid urbanization and modern lifestyle choices, we are cutting down trees, polluting the environment and releasing more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than ever. This can have long-term, disastrous effects on our health, wellbeing, and the climate.

This important festival is an attempt to tackle deforestation, climate change, carbon emissions, and promote wildlife and afforestation. By planting trees this Van Mahostasv, we can take a bold step towards maintaining the integrity of our environment, reducing our carbon emissions, and protecting our biodiversity.

Moreover, there is a pressing need for trees in urban areas. Not only will planting trees in cities reduce air pollution but it will also enhance the overall aesthetics and improve the mental well-being of the city residents.

What Can You Do this Van Mahotsav?

Start with planting trees in your vicinity, offices, universities, colleges, schools, or any open spaces. However, in some cases, that’s not always possible as it may require permission from higher-ups. Another great alternative would be to get in touch with experts who could help you with your tree planting initiative.

We at Forest Creators, help people do just that! We specialize in growing forests using a renowned and sustainable technique known as the Miyawaki method. With this smart and effective method, we initiate the development of fast-growing, self-sustaining, and 100% organic forests, regardless of the soil and climate. This Van Mahotsav, let us work towards making a lasting difference in the environment and fulfill our duty towards mother nature by growing forests.

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