We all do communication and interact to gain information or to share any idea. It is act through which people do connect with each other. Effective communication is said to be the important skill. In same way, plants also do communicate effectively to grow, develop and survive. Trees do communicate by many ways such as through smell and taste or through electric impulses. From research it is found that, the trees do response depending upon the type of insect or animal which comes in contact with them. These responses are generated through special scented compounds. Every response created is unique depending upon kind of saliva of animal or insect. Saliva of each insect or animal is unique and trees are able to identify it. Whether the animal or insect is useful or harmful is also checked by tree. The difference is, the responses are generated very slowly as compared to human responses.

Forest, as we all know is an ecosystem. Trees in forest area do care for each other. They are connected through network of roots and soil fungi. Fungal hyphae are long thread like structures which spread along with roots and provide network, helps to keep moist conditions under the soil. This network is so strong that it helps to share information, transfer signals and survive trees under stress conditions also. Once connected, tree roots have to exchange nutrients. In other way, it is social networking of trees. Trees, like human beings, are also connected and remain in group. They work together for better development and to create micro climate. Many trees together create small eco system which helps in many ways. It helps to control and adjust climatic conditions, temperature range, humidity and water storage.

It is found that, single tree can’t survive for longer period but canopy or group of trees survive for longer period due to their networking and communication. Hence forests as well as every tree is important in eco system. In an ecosystem, degree of connectivity of tree may vary. Some are like ‘Close friends’ while some don’t even have any connectivity. Some do have connections only with their family members. For example, Ficus tree will connect itself to other ficus member present in that area or eco system. It means even in trees there is relationship and communication. We can say that even in trees friendship is seen with different level of attachments.

Reference: The Hidden Life of Trees