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April 22nd marks the inception of a modern environmental movement known as Earth Day. This movement has garnered much attention and has been widely celebrated each year to demonstrate support for environmental conservation and protection. This significant day brings forth awareness to many environmental problems and encourages the importance of an eco-friendly existence.

However, to create and sustain an eco-friendly environment, we need to shrink our carbon footprint. But have you ever wondered what is your carbon footprint and what can you do to reduce it? If not, don’t fret. This article will provide you with a sure shot solution to minimize carbon footprint and an efficient way to calculate it.

Click here to calculate your carbon footprint –

What are Carbon Footprints?

Simply put, they are the number of greenhouse gases you produce from your activities. These greenhouse gases lead to carbon emissions and your lifestyle choices have a huge part to play in it. It might hard to believe but every activity you perform, from transportation, diet, water usage to the plantation of trees, waste disposal, electricity usage and reusability of things, has an impact on the climate. This is why monitoring and tracking your everyday activity is crucial as it can give you valuable insights into reducing your footprint.

Carbon footprints are measured in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that has contributed immensely to global warming. Other gases that are a part of our carbon footprint are methane and ozone, which equally harm the climate.

What is the Best Way to Reduce Carbon Footprint?

There are various ways through which you can lessen the carbon footprint. You can conserve electricity by adding solar panels, eat less meat, ride a bicycle to work, use recycled products. However, the most proven and effective way to reduce carbon emissions is by planting trees.

This is because, once a tree is matured, it can consume almost 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide each year and can give out ample oxygen for you to breathe for at least two years. What’s more, through the photosynthesis process, trees can also take in carbon dioxide from the water and soil. Another great benefit is that by oxygenating the atmosphere, trees can play a tremendous role in limiting global warming and provide a cleaner climate for us.

Solving climate change is the need of the hour and it’s our responsibility to provide future generations with a clean and sustainable environment. A great place to start would be to know how much carbon footprint you produce. To get you started we have an excellent carbon footprint calculator that will help you offset your emissions today!

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