With heightened consumer awareness on environment issues, companies need to take proactive steps in supporting green initiatives as a source of competitive advantage. Proactively supporting and undertaking green initiatives are now a part of global good governance practices.

Employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs if they work for a company that’s perceived to be environmentally friendly, says a study from the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. From an employees’ point of view, being green is better than having lots of green, according to the study, which is published in the latest issue of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. A firm’s financial performance had no correlation with employee happiness levels, researchers found.

According to the Nielsen report, “Brands that are able to strategically connect (sustainability) to actual behavior are in a good place to capitalize on increased consumer expectation and demand.” The report adds, that “Sustainability claims on packaging must also reflect how a company operates inside and out.”

Your business can ride this tsunami wave by gaining market share from the rapidly growing number of environmentally responsible consumers or your business can lag the market and peers by ignoring this trend.

Forest Creators enables companies to not only plant trees, but to also honour customers, employees, dealers and stakeholders with trees through personalized co-branded eTreeCertificates. Send many certificates at once and schedule the automatic delivery of certificates on future dates. And does all this by helping corporates & individuals get the benefits of 80G.

Customer Acquisition

  • Thank customers for switching to electronic communication
  • Plant trees to welcome new customers
  • Plant a tree to every existing customer
  • Plant trees to greet customers on festivals
  • Donate trees on behalf of loyal customers
  • Plant trees to compliment the launch of a green product
  • Donate a tree on Customers Birthdays, Anniversary etc
  • Plant a Complete forest & become carbon neutral for the whole year manufacturing your products

Employee Engagement

  • Donate a tree to every member of your staff & also involve the members of their families.
  • Donate a tree gift to honour star performers
  • Plant a forest to honour loyal employees
  • Donate a tree to mark employee birthdays / weddings / babies
  • Do Team Building exercise by arranging Team visit at Plantation site & Planting trees together using the Miyawaki Method. Come together as one & help save the environment .

Honour Business Associates by Donating Trees

  • Donate trees on behalf of distributors and supply chain partners on birthdays, anniversaries and festivals
  • Donate trees to Recognize distributors, stockists and supply chain partners on achievement of sales targets
  • Donate trees to Honour supply chain partners that conform to green practices

Carbon Emission Offset

Use our Carbon Calculator to Set an annual goal on the number of trees to plant to offset all or part of your emissions.
It’s easy,
You can use our Carbon Calculator to Calculate below:

  • Offset electricity from computer/ IT products
  • Offset emissions from air travel
  • Offset emissions from car use
  • Offset for customers/ Employees commute to point of sale
  • Sensitise & encourage employees to offset personal emissions
  • Offset for employee travel
  • Offset for employee lifestyle
  • Offset for employee based on its Food intake.

Social Impact

Development and Afforestation are not mutually exclusive… we want to demonstrate this by giving forests a new definition; one that is relevant in this rapidly developing world.

We believe it is time to shift from manicured landscapes to purpose based plantations that contribute to better air quality, water conservation, checking global warming and supporting the overall ecosystem. Forest Creators is working towards creating Miyawaki forests that are fast growing, 100% Organic and sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility ensures that a business stays accountable and responsible, whether it is to itself, the public, or its investors. A significant part of corporate social responsibility is ensuring that a firm operates in ways that are not only beneficial to its economic and organizational goals but also do not actively take away from the environment but rather benefit it. 

Part of those objectives means that the company must be conscious of the kind of impact they have on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. 

CSR entails that a company fulfils its responsibilities to society by not negatively impacting the environment and society, but instead enhancing them. 

Fulfilling CSR objectives can positively enhance the public image of the company and boost employee – and investor morale, thereby meeting the company’s CSR goals and improving its public image.

Contribute to UN SDGs 

The United Nations instituted Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, in 2015. These are goals meant to reach the final aim of sustainable development, on the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’, and aiming for sustainable development worldwide.

Part of those SDGs is to ‘ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns,’ meaning the sustainable use of the world’s limited supply of natural resources, aiming, within 15 years, to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. Focusing corporate gifting and rewards on nature, rather than consumption, would achieve a large part of that goal.

It would also achieve other UN SDGs to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Planting more trees, here done as a reward, would help build self-sustaining cities providing their inhabitants with a high quality of life and living and sustain its residents. Reducing waste– by simply doing away with consumption in the form of corporate gifting– would also ensure sustainable use and production patterns.

Finally, instituting tree planting for rewards would achieve perhaps the most critical SDG of all– climate action. Planting a significant number of trees actively combats the issue while also adding to raising awareness and increasing human and institutional capacity towards climate change solutions.