Miyawaki Method 2 Ways

Online training is to help individuals make a small patch of forest on their own.
Onsite training which will help individuals learn how to handle larger areas & projects.

Objective of the training is to help the participants learn the Miyawaki method by understanding:

The Process

  • Standard Operating Procedures (through documents and photographs)
  • The journey of Forestcreators (our expertise, experiences and challenges)

Terms and conditions:

  • This training is offered selectively, based on a ‘Statement of Intent’ submitted to Forestcreators by people who are interested, followed by a phone/skype call. The selection will be based on background (personal and professional) of participants and scope of practical application of the training.
  • Preference will be given to individuals with little or no experience in similar work, and/or owners of very small land areas (100-200 square meters) waiting to be afforested.
  • Number of trainings offered per month are limited to 4/5.
  • The training is not offered to large corporations or groups.
  • Video based high speed internet essential.
  • The training will have limited scope for outdoor/field work and is more theory based.
  • Depending on the needs of the participant(s), the trainer(s) will either keep the module generic or site specific (via video conferencing or con call basis).
  • The training is an interactive, conversation based collaborative exercise between the trainer(s) and the participant(s).
  • The Miyawaki method challenges most conventional schools of thought on plantation and afforestation, hence participants are required to be extremely open minded.
  • Forestcreators’s scope of work here is limited to remote guidance only.

Flow of information that will be shared during training:

  • Introduction to the Miyawaki method; its advantages and achievements
  • Sequence of Activities
  • Preparations – Pre Forest Creation on site activities
  • Understanding Soil and Amendments
  • Species selection
  • Organic Material mix(consumable and non consumable)
  • How to prepare the Soil
  • Forest creation (final execution)
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Final wrap up Addressing key questions

Cost of Training:

  • We are here to make the world a better place for our future generations. Online training is complimentary.
  • If interested, send us your brief profile and a ‘Statement of Intent’ (150-200 words) on plant@Forestcreators.com Mention ‘Online Training’ in the subject line.

Invite an Forest creators representative who will stay with you on-site and help you create the demo patch.

How will this help you?

  • You will practically implement everything .
  • This first forest patch will be your “proof of concept” and could become the showcase project that helps you find more potential sites and opportunities to create more such forests.
  • Identify improvement for future projects, for e.g., most suitable species, input costs, local suppliers and feasibility.
  • Utilize practical knowledge and expertise of the Forestcreators representative present with you on-site.
  • If the demo forest is being created in a region/city where Forestcreators has worked before, then you will get access to the available species lists, research/documentation done and supplier contacts.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You should have a piece of land – 100 square meters readily available
  • Minimum requirements – running water, fencing, exposure to sunlight and maintenance staff for watering and deweeding.
  • Only the trainee(s) should be present on-site. Additional people present will only include the manpower involved.
  • There will be no deviation from the methodology
  • The species research and soil analysis is to be done by the trainee , with limited assistance from Forestcreators.
  • The final approval to on-site demo is subject to how well prepared the trainees are, in terms of, site-readiness, material, manpower and machine availability. The preparations will be vetted by Forestcreators before giving their approval to helping with the demo. This will be done over phone and email.
  • Forestcreators’s involvement will be limited only to guidance and knowledge sharing. Actual creation of the demo patch will be supervised and led by the trainee under the supervision of Forestcreators.
  • The entire duration i.e. 2 days will be focused on creating a perfect 100 square meter forest. No presentations, workshops, talks or sessions will be a part of demo forest creation.
  • Return airfare, local travel and accommodation is to be arranged by the trainee.
  • 100% fee is to be paid as advance.


  • 2 days

Course fee:

  • Donation of 500 trees, which forest creators will be free to plant at their own choice of project for which the payment has to be done online & Donor will enjoy 80G benefits for the same.