Captain Shahid Garden, Vapi

5th June’ 2016

No. of Saplings Planted: 2500

Sponsored By:

Volunteers: 25

Tree Genre:

Tree Plantation done in Shahid Captain Garden, Vapi on 5th June'2016. This plantation was different from plantation done earlier as the saplings were to be planted in a garden cum joggers park. Shahid Captain Garden is a ____+ acre garden and is among the centre of the city. The plan was to cover the garden areas with trees so that the garden cum joggers park becomes dense and supports more birds and animals; which will result in to being a stress re-leaver & giving shed 24 * 7. With more than 25 volunteers we were able to plant around 2500 saplings. This time the volunteers were from various backgrounds. We had students, working professionals, nearby residents, volunteers from other NGO's. Every one planted to plant more and more saplings. _______________ was very helpful in identifying the place, doing the pits and getting the saplings. We just hope that the garden cum joggers park is well protected and becomes a dense green area for years to come.

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